Limiting who can send to an Exchange 2007/2010 distribution group

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You need to limit who can send emails to an Exchange 2007/2010 distribution group (for example, a group with an entire site's employees in it which only should receive approved announcements).

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You can configure this using the Exchange Management Console.

  1. Open up the Exchange Management Console and expand Microsoft Exchange > Recipient Configuration > Distribution Group.
  2. Find the distribution group you want to protect and double click it to open it's properties.
  3. Switch to the "Mail Flow Settings" tab.
    Mail Flow Settings tab of Exchange 2010 distribution group properties dialog
  4. Double-click the "Message Delivery Restrictions" entry.
    Message Delivery Restrictions in Exchange 2010 distribution group properties
  5. Select "Only sends in the following list" under the "Accept messages from" heading, the add the users you want to be able to send to the list.
  6. Click OK on both dialogs to get back to the Exchange Management console.

Now anyone who tries to send to that list that you haven't approved will get a bounce saying "Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists"  with the error message "#550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.NotAuthorized; not authorized ##"


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