internet outage

These are a few of the highlights in our webinar, Would you survive an internet outage? and how this affects some of the most popular business industries.

In the modern business environment, a network outage simply isn’t an option. Why? Because you depend on your systems to get work done, process information, and communicate with those you serve. A network outage leaves your staff unable to perform almost every aspect of their jobs, which leads to lost revenue, unhappy clients, wasted payroll dollars, and reputational damage.

The internet is a business necessity.  This webinar focused on how this statement rings true for the following industries:

  • Most healthcare providers today use EHR (electronic health record) and EMR (electronic medical record) systems that are hosted offsite.  This means that some or all of the data software is not physically at the office.  If the facility loses internet access, then access to the software that manages patient charts, medical billing and coding is also lost.
  • Most manufacturers practice real-time inventory of parts.  This means that instead of having a warehouse full of replacement parts, the manufacturer lets an upstream supplier inventory parts for them and place on-demand orders from them via automated transactions between the manufacturer’s software and the supplier’s software.  Without the internet, this process is relegated back to pen and paper and a lot of phone calls.
  • The retail industry generally runs from 9 am to 9 pm, often 7 days a week, so the loss of an internet connection can be crippling.  Most retailers use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technologies and use websites to sync their local inventory.
  • E-commerce. If you are selling clothing or offering refurbished goods online, you are engaged in e-commerce.  E-commerce systems are almost always connected to your inventory workorder and accounting software via the internet.

As outlined in all of the above industries, the vast majority of business is done over the internet.  It is crucial to have a fallback plan for the internet in the event of an outage.

This and a lot more was covered in our Would you survive an internet outage? webinar.