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Microsoft Excel is fantastic software that helps businesses around the world stay organized and efficient throughout the workday. But most users, even those that avidly use the software, aren’t getting as much value out of the investment as they should be. Why? Because there are various shortcuts and functions that are unknown to the general public. We want you to discover the powerful secrets to using your favorite software like a pro.

During this special webcast, we showcased tips and tricks every user needs to know:

  • Formulas and Functions - An Excel formula or function is a way to use calculations with your data in interesting and new ways. Whether it’s simply adding data or wanting to use if criteria with a calculation, Excel has a library of hundreds of functions for your use.
  • Pivot Tables - This is the most powerful day-to-day feature outside of Excel formulas. Just as the term “pivot” states, pivot tables use a collection of raw detailed data records and offer the capability to display them in a variety of layouts.
  • Lookup Tables – Just as you “look up” a term in a dictionary, Excel offers lookup functions to look for data either vertically or horizontally within a table of records.
  • Conditional Formatting – We all know Excel can do simple formatting such as bold and cell background colors, but what if you wanted these enhancements to happen automatically based on a unique condition. Just use one of the many conditional formatting templates or even create your own.
  • Sparklines – Sometimes with Excel charting, less can be more. A sparkline is a special chart type that instead of being large and expanding across multiple cells, a sparkline is designed to fit into a single cell.
  • Sort and Filter – Sorting data records is a common worksheet task that allows you to easily reorder your data display. In addition to sorting, you may find that adding a filter allows you to better analyze your data by only displaying the records you want to see.
  • Remove Duplicates – Sometimes you are presented with an Excel worksheet that has been imported from a source that allowed duplicate records. Well Excel has a tool for that - just highlight your data list and allow Excel to remove duplicates to display a unique set of records.
  • Forecast Function – It is well documented that past results can be strong indicators of future results. Excel can analyze a range of data and help determine the next logical future value based on existing pattern trends.

This and a lot more was covered in our Discover the Powerful Secrets to Using Excel Like a Pro webinar: