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In their Google Like A Pro With Puryear IT! webinar Puryear IT discusses valuable information about the Google search engine that will help you save time and enhance productivity.

Here is a breakdown of some interesting and impressive statistics showing how people use Google:

  • 40,000 searches per second
  • 5 billion searches per day
  • 6 trillion searches per year

But let’s dive in to the top 10 exciting features Google has integrated into its search engine:

  1. Convert time zones: Just type the phrase “What time is it in …” specifying a location and Google returns the current time in that location in comparison to yours.
  2. Set a timer: Just type “Timer” and this will display an actual timer and stopwatch tool on the screen.
  3. Search a specific file type: In your search include the specific file type format you would like to see such as “Presentation tips PDF” and Google filters your search results to display only PDF results.
  4. Convert units: Just type the phrase that you would like to know the equivalent of such as “5 ounces to cups” and Google displays the answer as well as a conversion tool with other options.
  5. Track a package: Just type a package carrier tracking number and Google will display tracking information.
  6. Google calculator: Just type in an equation with any math operator such as “25 x 50” and Google returns the answer in an onscreen calculator.
  7. Filter a search: When you want to filter a search by specifics just use the plus or minus sign such as “buy tablet +Samsung”, which will only display Samsung results.
  8. Search within a site: To reduce the number of search results and focus on particular content within a website, just type the prefix site: the URL and in quotations your specific content, such as “ “presentations”.
  9. Comparison searches: Just use the term “or” or “vs” within your search query to see comparison results, such as “Galaxy vs LG phones”.
  10. Important dates: Just type the phrase “when is” and include a specific holiday including locations to see where it falls on the calendar.

This and a lot more was covered in our webinar: Google Like A Pro With Puryear IT!