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This is a pro tip based on our webinar for our Baton Rouge IT support healthcare customers Using Office 365 Forms for physician offices.  Microsoft Forms is a web-based application within the Office 365 suite that allows users to build quick checklists, forms, polls, and quizzes.

Are you looking for a fun way to educate, engage, and challenge team members in your organization?  Then look no further—the Quiz feature in Office 365 Forms is a great tool to promote learning and participation among team members.  You can even design your quiz with a point system to promote as a contest among staff members!

The way to keep a quiz engaging is to include quiz questions in a variety of question formats.  Forms offers several options to design a question such as true or false questions, multiple-choice questions, or text questions.

Here are the steps involved in helping you design your own unique quiz:

  1. Sign into your Office 365 account and select Forms.
  2. Select New Quiz and create a title for your quiz.
  3. Select Add New >Choice:
    • This creates the first question on the quiz and by default provides two options for the answer. To make this question a true-false type, just change the title for each option to True and False (make sure the toggle Multiple answers is off to allow only a single correct answer).
    • To design a multiple-choice question, select Add New>Choice and change the question settings to Drop-down.
    • To design a single-answer question type, Select Add New >Text.
    • In all question types, you are provided the option to denote the correct answer as well as include a point system.
  4. Select Add New and continue this process until your quiz is complete.
  5. Select Submit and the quiz will be stored on the Forms welcome page.
  6. To distribute the quiz to your team, use the Share command, which allows you to send the form to other members of your organization via an email invitation.

The Responses tab associated with a quiz tracks the number of responses, the average score, the option to review answers, post scores, as well as analytics of the responses in the form of a pie chart.

This and a lot more was covered in our Using Office 365 Forms for physician offices webinar.