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This is a pro tip based on our webinar for our Baton Rouge IT support healthcare customers, Using Office 365 Forms for physician offices.  Microsoft Forms is a web-based application within the Office 365 suite that allows users to build quick checklists, forms, polls, and quizzes.

Whether you are tasked with a simple 5-step process or a more complex project involving several phases with multiple subtasks, creating a checklist to keep track of a professional end result can be an invaluable tool—especially when they involve several moving parts and multiple team members.

Office 365 Forms provides an easy platform to get started in creating a checklist.  Here are the steps involved in getting you on your way:

  1. Sign into your Office 365 account and select Forms.
  2. Select New Form and create a title for your checklist.
  3. Select Add New and Choice:
    • This creates the first item on the checklist which prompts you to name the task and by default provides two options.
    • Select Add option to continue the number of options associated with this task. (these options will appear as checkboxes when previewed)
    • Make sure the toggle Multiple answers is on to allow each item to be ticked off when completing the task.
  4. Select Add New and continue this process until your checklist is complete.
  5. Select Submit and the checklist will be saved and available on the Forms welcome page.
  6. Note: You can be the sole owner of the form for your personal use or you can distribute the form using the Share command, which allows you to send the form to other members of your organization via an email invitation.

Now that your checklist is created, use it!  Many people develop a checklist, use it for a little while, then get confident and feel they can remember everything—that is usually not the case. Even if you have a great memory, everyone forgets occasionally!  Using a checklist frees your mind to focus on the tasks, improves your performance, and makes your day go more easily.  Is there anything more satisfying than completing a long checklist of to-do items? The simple act of checking off items on a checklist is one of the most powerful psychological motivators to achieve success.

This and a lot more was covered in our Using Office 365 Forms for physician offices webinar.