Microsoft Teams Start Recording

Meetings can be stressful in the best of times. Now, with the advent of most meetings happening virtually, there is the added stress of logging in to the meeting platform, adjusting audio and video components, as well as possibly having to chat and share your screen! How can you be sure to capture all the important elements of the meeting and still stay focused?

Instead of designating an official meeting notes taker, use the recording feature in Microsoft Teams to be your virtual notes keeper. You will have the added bonus of not only capturing audio, but video and screen sharing activity as well.

Just follow these steps to record a Teams meeting:

  1. Start or join the meeting.
  2. In the meeting controls, select (More actions menu) and then select Start recording.
  3. An alert notification will appear at the top of the meeting interface informing all attendees that a recording has started. (Note: In some instances, you may legally need to get everyone's permission before you can record them - make sure you know the rules before you start).

The recording will continue even if the person who started the recording has left the meeting. The recording stops automatically once everyone leaves the meeting. To stop recording manually, go to the meeting controls More actions menu and select Stop recording.

Teams meeting recordings are captured in the cloud and saved as an mp4 file format. Processing time for the recording varies depending upon the length of the meeting. Beginning in the first quarter of 2021, Teams meeting recordings are no longer saved to Microsoft Stream - all meeting recordings will be saved to either your OneDrive for Business account in a folder entitled Recordings or in Sharepoint. You will not get an email when the recording finishes saving, but the recording will appear in the meeting chat once it is finished. Your Windows 10 Media Player or Movie & TV app can be used to play back the meeting recording.

So if you have not already taken advantage of your Teams built-in meeting notes taker, get started recording now to get the most out of your next meeting!