Supply Chain-Shipping

The IT industry has been severely challenged in facing numerous global supply chain constraints. A global supply chain is an international system that businesses use to produce and distribute goods and services. This network begins with raw materials and ends when the final product or service is delivered to customers.

Many different entities make up a global supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, and retailers. Most global supply chains span across multiple continents and countries.

Due to the pandemic and the sudden need for countless professionals to shift to working remotely, vendors all around the world unexpectedly sold out of laptops, webcams, and other IT hardware. At the same time, manufacturers struggle to get parts they need to make in-demand devices. A shortage of computer chips and semiconductors is expected to extend into 2023.

Your business may need to upgrade its IT but struggle to find the technology or be flabbergasted by the timeline and budget required. Improving forecasting can go a long way toward helping technology supply chain issues and often, with enough data analytics at your fingertips, it’s possible to pinpoint ebbs and flows that might otherwise have gone unnoticed and plan accordingly.

Three Ways to Meet the Challenge:

  1. Perform inventory audits of your systems regularly to identify vulnerabilities and needs.
  2. Establish both short- and long-term priorities for IT strategy by adopting risk-evaluation tools.
  3. Make a plan to cut severe business impact from supply-chain challenges by diversifying your supply base and identifying backup suppliers.

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