Asset Management

IT asset management used to be a lot easier – the IT department could control everything because it was all onsite. This is no longer true in today’s workforce. Now employees want to download tools from the app store as well as use their own devices.

This presents many IT asset-management challenges as a business needs to inventory both hardware and software to accomplish the following:

  • provide employees with the tools they need to be productive and effective
  • update for optimization
  • patch against vulnerabilities
  • avoid paying for duplicate licenses
  • secure from breach or theft

A successful asset management strategy requires a complete IT inventory that provides a quick view of every IT asset within the company including data centers, hardware, software, cloud and mobile assets, networks, user workstations, and any other business technology.

The main objectives of asset management are to save money through asset tracking, have more control over the company’s IT environment, bring more organization to IT lifecycle management, and reduce waste by managing the disposal of IT assets. Without proper asset management, an already costly IT asset budget line inflates.

Three Ways to Meet the Challenge:

  1. Thoroughly document IT assets and where they are in your environment. A spreadsheet may no longer be enough, so consider IT asset-management software.
  2. Develop procedures to account for, deploy, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of IT assets.
  3. Communicate a policy to employees regarding the download and use of shadow IT, which is software and other assets used without IT knowing about them.

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