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3CX Phone System – Reduce Hold Music Volume

You run a 3CX IP Phone system and your hold music is WAY too loud. How do you turn it down a notch?


In this example, we’re running 3CX on Windows Server 2008 R2. Also, I will be using screen shots from a free utility called Audacity.

  1. Check your 3CX server for the file name of your Hold Music: Settings > General, there’s a section that will have up to 5 hold music selections. If you use more than one hold music, the system will rotate between them.
  2. Find your 3CX Prompts folder on your server, typically it will be in the hidden folder “C:ProgramData3CXDataIvrPrompts”
  3. Launch Audacity and Import your hold music
  4. Click OK to make a copy of the file
  5. Reduce the Bass and Treble using the Equalization effect
  6. From the file menu Effect > Equalization… Click the drop list and select the Telephone preset and Click OK
  7. Reduce the Gain (volume) by using the Gain slider. Reduce the Gain from 0 dB to -18 dB, generally this will reduce the volume to an acceptable level
  8. To save the changes Export the file
  9. Save the file to a new location
  10. Copy exported file and replace the original file
  11. Copy the exported file and replace the original file in the following location if it is on your server: “C:Phone_Sounds”

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