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Meet Your Baton Rouge IT Services Team

In 2002, company founder Dustin Puryear started Puryear Information Technology, LLC (to be later known as Puryear IT, LLC) after leaving a company that had gone bust in the dot-com wave.

Throughout a whirlwind career of published works and national speaking tours, Dustin still finds his passion in leading Puryear IT to become an ideal provider of IT solutions.

While Puryear IT works with a wide range of clients, what these businesses have in common is a desperate desire to have their IT “just work”. Regardless of the number of users or the scope of their internal IT department, Puryear IT’s clients have found managing IT to be overly risk-laden, with limited resources and expertise often leading to further issues. That’s where Puryear IT’s comprehensive range of IT services come in.


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Reliable and Professional Business IT Solutions

Our service is unique, not because of how we do our work, but why we do our work. Sure, we love technology and the latest software, but our real passion is helping people. We want to make the time you spend at work that much easier, with IT that works how and when you need it to. To that end, we have to treat each customer differently; while one customer may find satisfaction when we help generate their financial reports 30 minutes faster every day, another is excited that the payroll printer has a ready replacement if problems occur when payroll is being run. The fact is that each of our clients is different, so we can’t just treat them all the same. What helps people enjoy their life at work may vary, but the need to have a stress-free day at the office does not. Our job is to provide IT solutions that make every day, for every customer, a stress free day.

Part of how we provide an undeniably effective service is by ensuring we maintain relevance in the quickly changing industry of Information Technology. Whereas we started as a Project-Based company, we soon moved into the Managed Services Provider model as more and more customers wanted a comprehensive, A to Z solution. We achieve this by being inherently process driven; whether it’s our S³OPS Check for how our techs interact with clients, the Three Point Quality Control Process for how we address client concerns, or the Quarterly Business Review (QBR) between you and our team, we rely on proven processes to ensure that each client get the same quality of service.

Why Choose Us To Provide Your Business Technology Services

Purpose/Cause/Passion: Empowering people to be great at what they do.

Niche: We manage networks, optimize business processes, and provide comprehensive employee training to help our clients excel.

Core Values: We also believe in a strong set of core values to help define our work ethic and approach to customer service across every level of Puryear IT’s hierarchy.

  • 1
    PassionI am excitedly motivated by life and my calling. I know that my passion to be better leads to increased focus, which ultimately yields better results. I recognize that fulfillment comes not from perfecting my craft, but from the constant pursuit to improve myself, even when it demands sacrifice.
  • 2
    Goal DrivenSetting goals helps me develop a clear path to where both the company and I am heading. Only by understanding the history of “what we have done” can I improve on “what we are doing” to then better perform the work that will accomplish our goals.
  • 3
    Team PlayerI understand that we live and die as a team. Every member of our team is given a set of goals that are part of a larger picture that drives success for our company and our clients. As part of this team, I will also strive to motivate and help others achieve their goals and grow in their careers.
  • 4
    Good CommunicatorI know that the foundation of our company culture is our ability to talk to one another and to our clients, whether it’s having a difficult conversation or delivering good news. As a good communicator, I know not only how to speak, but also how to listen, and then formulate a response that enhances my communicative abilities.

By building a trusting relationship with our clients through total accountability and provision of truly effective IT solutions, we become an active force in the success of each client’s business. We’re excited to be quickly developing into Louisiana’s leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Platform provider. Our focus on Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud CRM is going to allow us to provide a powerful, connected, and scalable platform in the cloud for our clients throughout the area.

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