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How to Actually SAVE Time Rather Than Waste It on the Internet

Most of us waste a huge amount of time on the internet, which has been justifiably described as a perfect distraction machine. There is certainly value in reading news, following friends, and keeping up with social media, but it’s awfully hard to put limits on those interests and not keep jumping around when something vaguely interesting pops up. We’re not saying that you should go cold turkey on the internet to get your life under control, but here are some thoughts on websites that let you SAVE time instead of waste it. They can provide efficient ways to manage things or point you toward services or information that you might not otherwise find.

Believe it or not, you can actually use the internet to be more productive. How often do you come across interesting topics that you want to refer to later, but don’t have a way to collect and organize them? A website called Pocket lets you save and organize links, images, blogs and other internet content. You can tag and search them, so you know where and how to find all of those interesting sites when you need them. We could do this pretty well ourselves, but it’s much more likely to happen (and work) if you use a professionally developed system for it. Check out Pocket if you want to save time in organizing and accessing online information.

Another interesting website that helps you accomplish goals more effectively is IFTTT. This is a clever-web-based service that lets you set up “recipes” that automatically trigger one event when you take a particular action. For example, if someone “likes” something that you post, it could add that person’s photo to your photo archive. If you set up the right “recipes,” IFTTT makes all of the connections or does whatever you would do – if you had the time to do it. This takes some upfront effort to figure out how you want it to function, but it can be a great time-saver once you do that.

Unsplash is another tremendous online resource, providing access to an enormous collection of royalty-free photos. It’s easy to sink a huge amount of time searching around the internet for a picture that’s just right — and that is also legal to use. Maybe you can use it, but you need to figure out whom to credit or how to cite it. That can be a real deterrent to using the best images. Unsplash takes care of that with its large collection and pre-verified availability.

These are just a few of the best sites that we have found that help you save time, so with all that extra free time, maybe you can invest it back in yourself. Some great educational resources online are Coursera, which offers hundreds of free online courses from major universities; Duolingo, which has free and fun language courses; and Project Gutenberg’s collection of thousands of free online audiobooks and e-books. One last hint – check out Snapguide, which offers easy visual step-by-step guides to performing all kinds of tasks in the office, kitchen, garage, workshop and yard. Any of these educational online resources is likely to make you wonder why you spent so much time on less productive online activities.

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