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Add hostname alias to Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 Server

You need a server to provide network shares under multiple hostnames. For example, you are decommissioning a file server  and need to continue providing those shares under the original UNC path though they are now hosted on a different machine.


  1. Make sure that there is a DNS entry for the alias that points to the file server , either by updating DNS to point that hostname to the new servers IP or moving the old server’s address to the new server as an alternate.
  2. Open a cmd prompt (or PowerShell terminal) on the new server.
  3. Use setspn to add the alias.  Assuming you are adding an alias “old-server” to the machine “existing-server”:
    • setspn -A “host/old-server” existing-server
    • setspn -A “host/old-server.your-domain.local” existing-server
  4. Test  the shares; you should now be able to access them with both the “old-server” and “existing-server” names.

If you have any older clients (Xp, 2003, 2000, etc.), you may need to update the registry on those clients

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