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Add a New Customer to GFI MaxBackup

Add a new customer under your partner account in MaxBackup


First, setup the customer in Cloud Management Console.

  1. Launch the Cloud Management Console
  2. Find the partner you wish to add the end-customer to.
  3. Right click on the Partner and select add end-customer
  4. Next the add end-customer dialog box opens. Put the name of the Client in the end-customer name field and click next.
  5. Now you will see the contact information dialog box. Insert the correct information in the fields. Note this section is not required but is recommended
  6. Now you will see the send request dialog box which will show a summary of the information you provided. Click next
  7. Your new end-customer has now been created. You should now see the new end-customer under the partner. Now you can add the devices associated with this customer.


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