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Add User Email Address to Trend Micro Hosted Email Security

You have a new user and want to add them to the list of allowed email addresses in the Trend Micro Hosted Email Security.


This is done using the Trend Micro Hosted Email Security web interface. You will need to login as a TM administrator for the customer account, dump out the current users as a CSV, add the new user, and upload the CSV. Very strange method, but that’s how TM does it.

  1. Go to the Trend Micro Hosted Email Security administrative website and login with your administrator credentials. You’ll need to click the “Log on with Trend Micro Online Registration user name and password”.
  2. You will be placed in the Hosted Email Security console.
  3. Click on Administration->Directory Management.
  4. So here is the trick. Download the existing directory of users by clicking on Export to CSV.
  5. You’ll then have a CSV of all the currently protected email accounts. Add the new one to the bottom of the list, save to your Desktop, and close the CSV.
  6. Now you need to upload the CSV. This is done via the Import User Directory screen in Directory Management. For Name, a date-based file is fine. Then click Browse to select your CSV file. Once selected, click on Verify File.
  7. The verification step should indicate that the number of Valid Records matches the number of total records. If these don’t match, don’t proceed. If all is well, click Import.
  8. Notice that your new upload is showing in the Imported User Directories area.
  9. Test by emailing the user from outside their network. They should receive the email!


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