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Add a Windows computer to an Active Directory Domain

You need to add a new Windows computer to Active Directory.


This can be done via System Properties.

Note: You need to have an Active Directory Domain Controller (DC) as your primary DNS server. This is usually the case already in networks with DHCP!

Add the workstation to the domain

  1. From a Run box, run sysdm.cpl
  2. At the System Properties window, click Change…
  3. In the Computer Name field, enter a computer name that matches your naming convention, click theDomain: button and type the name of your domain into the Domain field, then click OK
  4. When prompted, enter the Domain Administrator Credentials (you will have been assigned an admin account for this purpose) and click OK
  5. Click OK at the Welcome screen
  6. Click OK at the restart warning screen
  7. Back at the System Properties window, click Close
  8. Click Restart Now or restart later as needed

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