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Adding GoldMine fields to Outlook

You are using GMPlus to integrate your GoldMine CRM with Outlook 2010 and want emails that have been linked in GM to be flagged in Outlook.


This is done by adding a new column in Outlook.

  1. Make sure you have configured GMPlus correctly
  2. Right-click on the headers at the top of your inbox and select Field Chooser.
  3. In the Field Chooser dialog, select “User-defined fields”
  4. Click the New button and create a field named “GM”; change the type to “Yes/No” and click OK
  5. Repeat, creating a field named “GM Company” but leave the type as “Text”. Click OK
  6. Drag both fields to the appropriate place in your mailbox header row.   The former will have a checked box icon if the message has been linked in GM but blank if not.  The latter will show the name of the company the message is linked to in GM.

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