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AppAssure Replay 4 Service stuck in a Stopping state

When trying to stop the AppAssure Replay Core Service or Replay Agent Service, they get stuck in a Stopping state, causing them to not function yet not be restartable.


You will need to manually kill the services via the following steps:

Open taskmgr and go to Processes.

Select the Replay processes and click End Process. NOTE: If the processes do not die, you can also use taskkill /f in the cmd prompt.

  • On the Core, end these processes:
    • AaDump.exe
    • ReplayAdminConsole.exe
    • ReplService.ComHost.exe
    • TevoTarget.exe
  • On the Agent, end these processes:
    • AaDump.exe
    • TevoSource.exe

Kill the processes in the order listed above. Once the Replay service stops running, restart both your Replay Core, Agent, and XML Command services. Your Core and/or Agent should come back online.


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