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Approve Windows Updates for Deployment via WSUS

You have updates available in WSUS but they are not being deployed to your network Windows systems.


You need to approve the updates via the WSUS Console first.

  1. Open the Windows Server Update Services console on your local WSUS machine.  Expand Update Services > server name > Updates> All Updates. Change the filter settings to show the updates (Approval: Unapproved and Status: Needed will list all new updates that have not been approved for anyone yet).
  2.  Highlight the updates you wish to deploy (or use Ctrl+A to select all updates).  Right click and select “Approve” from the context menu
  3. Select the computers that should now receive those updates and click OK.  In this example, only the computers in group IT are going to receive the updates as they are being tested before network wide deployment; to deploy network wide, the top-level “All Computers” group can be selected.
  4. WSUS will start marking each selected update for approval.  If you select several updates, this could take a little while; just let the process continue until the “Close” button because available, then click it to close the window.
  5. As client’s run their scheduled update checks, they will now be offered the newly approved updates (if appropriate) and install per their Automatic Update settings.


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