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Automatic Installation of Trend Micro WFBS AntiVirus Using GPO

You want to automatically install Trend Micro WFBS clients on your network computers.


We’ll use a GPO for this.

First, we need to create the MSI. This is done using Trend’s tool in PCCSRVAdminUtilityClientPackagerClnPack.exe.

  1. Start ClnPack
  2. Select your Output file. For us, we’ll use TrendMicro.msi.
  3. Click Create. The Client Package may take a minute or two to create the MSI.

Second, we need to create a GPO to install the MSI.

Start GPMC.

  1. Go the top-level of your AD or, if desired, to the OU where you want to setup the GPO.
  2. Right-click and create a new linked GPO. Name it “Software – Install Trend Micro AV Client”.
  3. Right-click the GPO and click Edit.
  4. Click down into Computer Configuration->Policies->Software Settings->Software Installation.
  5. Right-click Software Installations and click New->Package.
  6. You will be asked for the package. Choose the NETWORK UNC. The Computer running this GPO has to be able to access the file, so put it in a share that is Everyone:R.
  7. The Deploy Software window will appear. Click Assigned and then Ok.
  8. You will return to the GPM Editor. You may need to refresh to see your new package.
  9. Close the Editor.
That’s it! Your computers will install the software, usually after reboots.
Some sites don’t want automatic installation of AV on servers. If that is the case, you need to create a special OU for workstations and then link the GPO there instead of the top-level directory.

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