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Backup a Windows PC using GFI MaxBackup

You want to protect a Windows PC using backups from MaxBackup.


This article has a special caveat: It is not designed to globally manage many computers. Instead, it will walk you through managing a single PC backup.

You need to have MaxBackup Cloud Management Console installed first. Then, you need to add an entry in the Console for this Windows PC, download the backup agent, and then define/schedule the backup job in the Backup Manager.

  1. Add the device in the Cloud Management Console to start the process.
  2. Once you add the device to the Cloud Management Console, the Console will open a windows with the link for the Backup Manager download. The Cloud Management Console is on a single system and most likely is not the PC you are trying to protect. So, copy the URL provided and download the Backup Manager from the PC you want to protect.
  3. When the webpage for the URL above opens, it will prompt you for the PIN# listed in the Cloud Console window. This ensures only the correct device is added in the Cloud Console.
  4. Now a download will begin:
  5. Now run the program:
  6. When it finishes installing it will automatically bring you to a web page to walk you through completing the setup. On the first page it will ask what type of encryption you would like to use and what the security code will be. Select the encryption type and enter a security code and then click Next.
  7. On the next screen it will ask when you would like the back up to start select an appropriate time and click Next.
  8. On the following screen it will ask for an email address to send the reporting to. Put in a valid email address and click Next. For us, we rely on Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software to monitor backups, so we would skip this.
  9. On the final screen it will ask what files you would like to backup (note you can changes these settings in backup manager at any time). Note that this is an example only–in a production network, we would want to backup a lot more than just Documents.
  10. Now the device is scheduled to backup Documents. Add to your RMM for monitoring and verify the next morning that all went well.

Additional backup configuration can be done via the Backup Manager that is now installed on the PC.

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