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Why Businesses Must Select a Baton Rouge IT Solutions Company Carefully

Why do you as a business enterprise owner need to carefully select your IT solutions company? There are many reasons, which must give business owners pause when selecting an IT services provider, and which can act as a set of criteria by which you can measure a potential IT services candidate. Below, we’ve listed the top reasons for being cautious and discerning when shopping around for a quality Baton Rouge IT solutions company.

  • Proactive vs. Reactive Support.  The first reason for being careful and selective is that you want to determine if your IT solutions company can provide you with proactive vs. reactive IT support. Proactive IT support gives you a 24/7/365 watchdog looking out for your IT network health and performance. Reactive IT support is also known as the “break-fix approach,” which many businesses are now foregoing in favor of proactive support – best exemplified through managed IT services, or a managed services provider (MSP). Proactive IT support also allows you to focus more attention on your customer experience and relations rather than spending that time worrying about network threats, data breaches, etc.
  • Fixed Fee vs. Per-Visit Budgeting. Many business owners are opting for fixed-fee, or monthly billing, as opposed to per-visit, or per-service call budgeting. The fixed-fee model allows for much better predictability, which is far more attractive to small and mid-sized business owners when choosing a Baton Rouge IT solutions provider. It also ends up costing you much less in the long run than per-instance billing does, covering more per-dollar than non-fixed-fee budgeting.
  • Remote vs. On-Site Monitoring and Support. Although you can choose to have one or the other, many businesses are also opting not for either remote or on-site monitoring and support – but both! This is achieved through augmenting their own IT staff and server monitoring with a virtual CIO (vCIO) or a managed services provider handling things on the remote end, but who can also make on-site service calls, when necessary. Many MSPs (like Puryear) can also provide a high enough level of services as can replace in-house staff altogether with a robust and responsive service platform.
  • You Get More Coverage with an MSP.  It’s a no-brainer for many businesses that their Baton Rouge IT solutions company be able to offer a managed IT services option. They know that this gives them much wider coverage than having an “IT guy” trying to handle all end-to-end network infrastructure issues on a day-to-day basis. Everything from cybersecurity, firewall arrays, server and site monitoring, to hardware rollouts, software upgrades, and mobile device management (and more) can, conversely, be easily handled by an outsourced IT company/vCIO/MSP.

All this should provide a good basis for taking more time in choosing your Baton Rouge IT services company. You also, of course, only want to contract with reputable IT firms who listen to and incorporate your business objectives and operations model when configuring your IT service protocol. Any IT companies that want to put new technology rollouts ahead of listening to and respecting your business objectives should be stricken from your list as well.

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