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You need a provider you can count on. Here’s when to switch.

Managed services and their providers are growing more local and increasingly more friendly for small and growing companies. That’s good news! Unfortunately, the bad news is that the quick growth of managed services has led to a rise in providers that don’t have a good grasp on customer service, pricing, or even basic operations.

If your provider is showing signs like these, we recommend looking for a new partner for your IT services. Data is far too important to entrust to companies that just aren’t up to the task – don’t put up with serious problems.

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1. Poor Monitoring and Uptime

A managed services company shouldn’t only offer services during work hours. We live in a complex world with global contacts, remote workers, flexible schedules, and always-on data services. That means that your providers need to offer 24/7 monitoring for all your services to make sure they are protected and available at all times. This should present no significant challenge to today’s hosts and managed services companies, since they have plenty of tools and available solutions of their own to offer around-the-clock service. Likewise, uptime shouldn’t be an issue: If you find that your service uptime isn’t close to 99%, it’s time to ask some hard questions. While power issues and sudden bugs do occasionally happen to any company, they should be very rare and quickly dealt with when dealing with manages services. Remember, downtime means that you are losing money.

2. The Same Issue Keeps Occurring

Let’s say you have a problem – maybe a massive slowdown, or a problem with data disappearing, or a tool that doesn’t work. You call up your provider and explain the issue: They do a couple of things on their end, you follow a couple of instructions on yours, and the problem appears to go away. This is good. This is what should happen.

Here’s what shouldn’t happen: The same problem comes back two weeks later. And a month after that. And then again and again. This is unacceptable. If you have to keep calling to resolve the same issue, then your partner isn’t doing their job. Either there is a problem on their end that they don’t understand, and they are too incompetent to acknowledge it and fix it, or there is an issue on your end and they aren’t providing the proper inspection and consultation to identify it and offer a solution. Either way, it’s time to find someone else.

3. You Can’t Get Any Answers

A good managed services company should never stay silent when they are asked a question. It doesn’t matter if it’s related to a bug or not – communication is key. You should be able to ask about compatibility, new devices, mobile strategies, network security, and many, many other aspects of managed IT services in the best possible way for your unique business.

If your provider doesn’t get back to you or keeps saying that they don’t deal in that area, start looking for alternatives. Today’s managed data service companies need to be flexible and skilled in a variety of different sectors (or they will at least know how to get the necessary services elsewhere). Trust IT Baton Rouge services that offer consultations and can help set up security or upgrade plans as needed. In other words, they aren’t very passive. If your current partner stays quiet and doesn’t really help out, you may need to switch.

4. Compatibility Is Holding You Back

This is more of a technical issue, but still very important. You probably have an important set of data management tools based on your company’s history, how you conduct business, and what your industry uses/requires. Do you find that your managed services don’t sync up with these tools very well? Perhaps they don’t do everything they need to, or maybe there are problems with formatting and file types.

This isn’t necessarily a sign that the provider is a poor one, but rather that they are a poor fit. You need services that are fully compatible with the systems and tools you prefer to use. In this case, it’s best to find a company that has experience working with other businesses in your industry and has services tailored to meet their needs – or offers enough customization so that it doesn’t really matter.

5. They Don’t Have Mobile Experience or Capabilities

This tends to be a sign of a company that just hasn’t kept up with the times. Perhaps once providers could offer data services without mobile inclusion, but those days are long gone. Today’s services need to both work on mobile devices and offer mobile security options if necessary. If services don’t function well on mobile, and no mobile optimization is planned for the near future, then you may want to explore your options.

6. Scalability Options are Limited

Some managed services companies specialize in a particular business size – and that’s fine. But if your employee numbers and customer base are growing, you need a provider that can keep up with you. If scalability is an issue, or scaling up rapidly inflates costs, then take a look at the packages offered by other companies to see if one has the scalability you need at the right prices.

7. Billing Issues

Billing mistakes fall into two categories. The first is the simple errors that are quickly noted and corrected with little fuss. The second is billing errors that are clearly the fault of the provider and keep happening, despite your efforts. If a provider is bent on overcharging you or keeps making “mistakes” with fees, then you need to kick them to the curb.

8. You Experience a Data Attack That Could Have Been Prevented

This is it. This is the big no-no. Managed security services businesses have a responsibility to make sure your data is protected. If data attacks can be prevented via a patch, or proper encryption, or the latest authentication, then those security measures must be included. If a data attack occurs because your provider wasn’t doing everything they could to protect you, drop them and look for someone that will protect you.

Do you have issues with your provider, or are you considering managed services for your Baton Rouge businessPuryear IT can help out! We provide IT services for business in Baton Rouge and are ready to help you take the next step. Contact Puryear IT at (225) 706-8414 or send us a message at info@puryear-it.com.

Contact Puryear IT at (225) 706-8414 or send us a message at info@puryear-it.com.

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