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Best Tech Gadgets of 2016
A Holiday Gift Guide

Annual holiday shopping spending is on the rise, especially in the area of technology. Technology is no longer a niche gift option for the computer savvy individuals in your life, it’s appeal spans across all demographics. There is a fun tech toy available for just about everyone on your list this year, and for one of our final webinar of 2016, Puryear IT thought it would be a great idea to show you a few of the numerous options available in a wide range of categories.

The webinar covered about 25 different apps, gadgets, and devices for use in everything from social media and entertainment, to fitness and finance. The following are a few of our favorites:

  • LuMee Light – This lighted phone case provides perfect lighting for your device’s front facing camera. It’s a great gift option for Millennials, as this case is perfect for taking selfies. For those who are a little less involved on social media, the LuMee Light is also perfect for someone who does a lot of video conferencing with Skype or FaceTime for business. Price: $39.95
  • Elfster – This app allows you to generate Secret Santa gift exchanges. Free to use, the app has an option for registrants to create wish lists to help their Santa find the perfect gift. This is great for organizing the office holiday party, letting your planners focus on other details.
  • Rocket Wave Cloud Notebook – This spiral notebook lets you quickly and easily send your wish lists, recipes, and to-dos to a cloud server using a smart phone app. You can auto-categorize your notes using the row of icons at the bottom of each page, which can be pre-programmed to send documents to specific locations based on which icon you cross off. Because the notebook works with an app on your phone, when you take photos of your pages, you don’t have to be meticulous about framing the photo correctly. The app recognizes the book, and pulls data quickly. The notebook comes with a special pen, and provided that is the only pen you use with this notebook, the pages can be reused by microwaving the book to erase the special ink. This can be done up to five times. Price: $27
  • Moleskin Smart Writing Set – While this item looks like a notebook, it’s actually a tablet. The kit comes with a special pen, the notebook/tablet, and an app. Anything you draw or write on the device is transferred to your smart phone or tablet. Data transmits in real time, allowing you to broadcast it during a meeting to a large screen, or even to your coworkers phones, making for a fun alternative to PowerPoint. Price: $199
  • Presence App – This app allows you to turn your old phones or tablets into security cameras, networking them throughout your home to keep an eye on things while you are away. The free version of the app only allows you to connect up to 3 devices. The Pro version has a monthly fee, but allows for more devices, and more options. It’s a cheap and convenient way to keep tabs on your home while you’re out of town. You can even grant access to trusted family or friends and have them watch your place for you.
  • BlueSmart Suitcase – This is a fantastic option for someone who does a lot of travelling. This suitcase can be auto-locked using an app on your phone, tracks itself so you will always know exactly where your luggage is, and has a sensor that will alert you if the suitcase is moved without your permission. An especially great feature is its ability to check its own weight, helping to keep you within airline restrictions. The suitcase has a built-in charger to charge your devices while you’re on the road, or at the airport. Price: $449
  • Sonos Speaker – This seek mini wireless speaker is wall mountable, powerful, and has great online reviews. It boasts amazing sound quality given its size, and is humidity resistant – which means it can safely be used in the bathroom. Broadcast music from any phone or tablet to the speaker, no complicated setup required. Price: $199
  • BOOST by Sengled – Currently only available in Germany, this smart LED light bulb boosts your Wi-Fi signal. It’s a great way to combat Wi-Fi dead zones in your house or apartment. While there are no local retailers at this time, the bulbs will ship to North America. Price: approx. $60 + shipping
  • MINT App – Popular, well reviewed, and easy to use, this free app comes with a series of pre-made templates, including one for holiday shopping. Simply input who you will be buying for and how much you plan to spend, and track your spending as you complete all of your shopping. This app can be used for one particular budget, or multiple budgets at the same time.

Hopefully, this will help those of you still in search of a few last-minute gifts find something just right for the important people in your life. Or give you an idea of what to ask for next year.

Want to learn more about the exciting tech options available in today’s tech market? Contact us at info@puryear-it.com or (225) 706-8414. We’re the IT professionals businesses in Baton Rouge trust.

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