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New window doesn’t get put into forefront & focus in Windows
When using 3rd party programs and other Windows commands that open an external default program the p..
Exporting BitLocker recover key from Active Directory
Solution Log on to a domain controller Launch an escalated PowerShell session Find the compu..
Granting Send-As permissions in Office365
You are using Office365 for email and need to send email as another user Solution: Connect to Off..
Use Password Self Service for Office 365 Password Resets
You are unable to remember your Office 365 password and need to reset it! Solution This requir..
Setup Password Self Service for Office 365 Password Resets
You want to setup your new Office 365 account so that you can change your own password in the future..
How do I use Take Control in the MAX Dashboard
Need to use Take Control to remote into you systems from the MAX Dashboard. Solution Log into the ..
How to Install Take Control Viewer from the Puryear-IT dashboard.
You need to install TakeControl via the Puryear IT DASHBOARD. Solution Download and Install the Ta..
Add email alias to an O365 user or group via DirSync and ADUC
You have a user or group that needs to receive email sent to multiple addresses. Solution: This is..
Office 365 IMAP migration from Google Apps failing to authenticate
You are attempting to migrate email from Google Apps to but the migration job is failing with an au..
Checking the status of BitLocker full-disk encryption
You have enabled BitLocker encryption for your primary partition and need to check the status of th..
Converting Office 365 ImmutableIDs to ActiveDirectory GUIDs
You are troubleshooting a DirSync install and need to covert the ImmutableID for an Office365 user b..
MaxBackup Linux agent not reporting to cloud
You have a Linux server being backed up using the LogicNow MaxBackup backup agent.  The agent has s..
How to find a Rogue DHCP Server using Linux
You need to scan for active DHCP servers from a Linux machine that has a statically assigned IP add..
How to install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10
You want to use Cisco VPN client on Windows 10. Solution This is VERY COMPLICATED. Hopefully Cisco..
How to Disable Microsoft SBS Exchange Server
You have migrated email from a Small Business Server Exchange to another provider (for example, Offi..
Setup Office 365 as a Relay for your SMTP Devices
You need to setup an SMTP relay in Office 365 for resources that need to send email. This is usually..
Installing GFI MAX Agent on Linux (CentOS)
You need to install the MaxFocus monitoring agent on a Linux server that uses Solution You will i..
Fixing Office 365 DirSync Not Syncing Passwords
You have connected an existing O365 service to your local Active Directory using DirSync. Despite th..
Microsoft SQL Log File to big? Here’s how to get it back under control!
You are running Microsoft SQL Server and your log files are huge and continue to grow. Solution Re..
Running MemTest86 using the CentOS 7 Install Media
You need to test the RAM on a server using memtest86; you have install media for CentOS7. Solution ..
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