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How to view Disk Usage in Linux
You need to verify the properties (e.g. total space, used space, available space) of a disk in Linux..
How to Migrate from IMAP to Office 365
You are onboarding users for Office 365 and will be using IMAP to copy email from the old server. S..
Debug the RPC-Over-HTTP issue with Office 365 Migrations
You're attempting an Exchange cut-over migration or staged migration and Office 365 is unable to con..
Map a Network Drive to a Shared Document Folder in Office 365 Sharepoint Site
You would like to map a network drive instead of use OneDrive for Business to connect to your files...
Migrating from Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 using cutover migration
You need to migrate mail from Exchange On-Premise to Office 365. Note: you should not create any O3..
Creating a New Site in Network Detective
You are configuring a new customer in Network  Detective (NetDoc) or you are adding a new Site (e.g..
Deploy GFI WebProtect to Protect Against Ransomware
You want to protect against several versions of ransomware. GFI WebProtect can help. It's not 100% (..
Reset a User Password in GFI MaxBackup Web Console
A user forgot their password and it needs to be reset. Solution Change/Reset the password in the C..
Use a GPO to Create a URL Icon Using Internet Explorer Only
Need everyone on your domain to access a web page (e.g., a web portal for your company) that only w..
Force GFI Managed AntiVirus (MAV) to Update Its Definitions
GFI MAV won't update automatically. Solution The follow steps will walk you through a manual insta..
Exporting Exchange 2010 mailboxes to PST
You want to export a mailbox directly to PST on an Exchange 2010 server. Solution First, you need ..
Configure Low Disk Space Alerts in SharePoint Office 365
Need email alerts on low disk space in Office 365 SharePoint Solution Configure email alert per si..
Enable the AD Manager Field in Exclaimer for Office 365 Templates
Need the Manager Attribute fields to pull from O365 Solution Enable them by adding a Registry Key ..
Configure Exclaimer for Office 365 to Update OWA Signatures
Need to install Exclaimer and cannot get past the Wizard because of the Power shell Script giving er..
How to Configure Exclaimer for Office 365 to Update Microsoft Outlook Signatures
You want to have Outlook signatures updated by Exclaimer O365 Edition in addition to Office 365 OWA..
List all Company Users in your Lync Contacts
You want to add all of the users in you Office 365 Organization as a contact in Lync. You know you ..
Create a Fake Printer to Enforce Printer Settings for Your Application
You want to use a specific printer setting from a program in Windows. This setting should not always..
Recover Deleted Items through the Recycle Bin in Office 365 SharePoint Online
Some of your SharePoint Online files have been accidentally deleted and you'd like to restore them. ..
Why doesn’t the Local SpeedVault in GFI MOB speed up my backup job?
You are using GFI Managed Online Backup (MOB) and have the SpeedVault option configured. You haven'..
GFI Managed Online Backup Seeding
You are using Manged Online backup and need to created a seed to upload to the data center. You can ..
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