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What Is The Best Mobile Scanning App?
With the business world rapidly moving towards the digitization of documents, mobile scanning apps a..
Microsoft Workplace Analytics (Research/Insight)
Microsoft Workplace Analytics For Empowering The Time Management Of Teams [youtube https://www.youtu..
IT Helps Dementia Patients
Dementia and Alzheimer’s are scary for both patients and caregivers. Right now, there is no cure. ..
Billions of Computer Devices Won’t Get Intel’s Spectre Fix
17 Product Groups Named-Their Production Halted and Update Support Ended After Irrefutable Evidence ..
Are Local Businesses Ready For GDPR?
As of May 25th, 2018, if local businesses aren’t ensuring the highest possible level of data priva..
What’s Up with Windows 10 S Computers?
Where Did They Go? In 2017, Microsoft planned to release a lightweight version of Windows 10. This ..
Better Get Ready – The GDPR Goes Into Effect Today!
What Is It?  What Do We Need To Know?  What Should We Do? [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v..
FBI Issues Warning
As you may be aware, the FBI issued a warning last week about a malware botnet called VPNFilter. Thi..
Internet Security a Top Priority, Experts Claim
Experts in the tech world are giving their input on what is planned by state and local Chief Informa..
Best Email Apps For Small Business Owners Who Use iPhone
Communication is definitely made more accessible as a result of technology. Unlike previous years wh..
Work from Anywhere Using Microsoft Office 365 Apps
Have you ever been in a position where you are supposed to work on an assignment or important docume..
Google Ready to Roll Out Mobile-First Indexing
For many business owners, Google’s announcement to switch over to mobile-first indexing comes as a..
How to Download a Facebook Live Video
There are many reasons why you would want to download a live video from Facebook, whether it is your..
iPhone Users: Don’t Run 11.4.1 Update
Are you using an iPhone or iPad?  It may be worth it to hold off a few days before hitting that upd..
URGENT! Google Chrome “HTTPS By Default D-Day” Is Today! (July 24, 2018)
Why the big hubbub over HTTPS?… Because from now on, users who visit HTTP sites will be hit with a..
12 Things About Windows 10 You Don’t Know – And How They’ll Change The Way You Use It
Although the latest version of Windows 10 isn’t a “game changer” you should appreciate some of..
Stop Taking Unnecessary Risks!
Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Stay Safe [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbek1OnKUSc]If you..
Psst… Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Amazon’s Alexa Has Some Answers to Questions You Probably Don’t Even Know to Ask. Alexa is a to..
Want To “WOW” Your Boss With Professional Diagrams And Flowcharts?
I Have Some Tips For You. I often get asked by my boss to take the data she accumulates and put it ..
Why I No Longer Charge My Mobile Phone Overnight and Why You Shouldn’t Either
I just read this warning: “Don’t overcharge your mobile phone. Make sure you unplug it from the ..
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