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How to Find the File Allocation Unit Size in Windows – Used for Disk IO Tuning
You want to know the block size that NTFS uses when writing data. This is useful for disk IO perform..
How to Run IOmeter for Disk I/O Testing
This document is meant to convey practical usage of IOmeter for purposes of testing disk IO of Windo..
Using Clonezilla to Restore a Disk Image of Your PC
You have taken an image of a machine and are restoring it to new hardware, either to recover from a ..
Find Out Which Windows Process Has Your File Open
Sometimes you'll find a file you need to modify is locked by another process in Windows. You need to..
Howto install the Cloud Management Console for MaxBackup
You need to install the Cloud Management Console for GFI MaxBackup so you can control all of your Ma..
Deploy GFI MaxBackup Backup Manager Agent on Multiple PC’s
You want to install the Backup Manager agent on multiple PC's during a GFI MaxBackup installation. ..
Add a New Customer to GFI MaxBackup
Add a new customer under your partner account in MaxBackup Solution First, setup the customer ..
How to Implement AD Directory Sync for Office 365
You are moving to Office 365 and want to sync your local AD to Office 365 for user information and p..
Configure AD DirSync for an Existing Office 365 Implementation
You are attempting to run Directory Sync after previously setting up Office 365 and creating cloud b..
Fix Error 3.14 When Sysprepping a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PC
You want to Sysprep a Windows 8 or 8.1 workstation. Solution Sysprep  on Windows 8 and 8.1 often ..
Office 365 Directory Sync – Limit Directory Sync to Specific OUs
You have enabled Office 365 Directory Sync, but you would like to limit the synchronization to a spe..
Backup a Windows PC using GFI MaxBackup
You want to protect a Windows PC using backups from MaxBackup. Solution This article has a special..
Using ‘netsh’ to change DNS servers on a Windows Computer
You want to update the DNS servers used by the DNS resolver on a Windows computer using the command-..
How to install the GFI MAX Backup manager on a Linux Server
You are using GFI MAX Backup and want to backup a Linux server. Solution This article assumes you ..
Add a new device to the Cloud Management Console in GFI MAX Backup
You want to backup a device to the Cloud Management Console in GFI MAX Backup. Solution This assu..
How to Recreate your AD Default Domain Policy GPO
Either the "Default Domain Policy" or the "Default Domain Controller Policy" has been corrupted.  T..
Update Source Path of GPO Installed Software
You are installing software via group policy (e.g., a monitoring agent). You need to change the pat..
Recover Deleted E-mails in Outlook Web Access in Bulk Using Outlook Desktop Client
You want to recover large amounts of "permanently" deleted e-mails from an Office 365 managed e-mail..
Clear Invalid GFI MAX Check for Valid Dell AppAssure Backup
You are using Dell AppAssure with GFI MAX monitoring and your GFI MAX Dell AppAssure Backup Check is..
Managing End-User Quarantine On Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall 300
You are an end-user in a business and want to manage your spam settings. Solution This is done usi..
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