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How to test for and patch the “Shellshock” Bash bug on Linux & Mac OS X
You are trying to check for and patch the Shellshock Bash bug vulnerability on Linux & Mac OS X ..
Install Spiceworks Server
You need to set up a new Spiceworks server. Solution This is done by downloading the installer and..
Password Protect a Microsoft Office 2013 Document
You want to password protect a Microsoft Office 2013 document. Solution In this example, we'll pas..
How to Save an Advanced Search in LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a wonderful tool, but it lacks a powerful feature for the free account: Saving a Search...
Lync VOIP not sending calls to voicemail
You are using Lync for phones but it is failing to send calls to voicemail correctly Solution Veri..
Reestablish IPSEC tunnel VPN on Cisco ASA 5505
All router and switch devices occasionally have to be rebooted in order to keep traffic flowing. It..
QuickBooks reports: There appears to be a problem with the database service…
You are running QuickBooks and get the error: "There appears to be a problem with the database servi..
Generating a list of all email addresses in Exchange 2007+
You need to get a list of all valid recipient addresses on an Exchange server (e.g., to get a list f..
Chrome 37 Pop-Up problems
Google Chrome 37 has issues with many websites opening pop ups. Websites such as Exchange OWA and Au..
GFI Managed Antivirus (MAV) Deployment Checklist
You are going to deploy managed antivirus to a site. If this checklist is NOT followed, you are 99...
Disable Office 365 Keyword-Based Email Encryption
Office 365 is encrypting emails and you want to turn off this function. Solution This is not a def..
Automatic Replies stop working when you close Outlook when using Exchange 2003
You have an Exchange 2003 server and automatic replies will not work after Outlook is closed. Solut..
How to open an encrypted email that was sent to you from a Office 365 account
Someone sent you an email from an Office 365 account that was encrypted and you need to open it. So..
Getting detailed memory information from a Windows PC via CMD
When upgrades are needed, you cannot always power down machines and crack them open to see the hardw..
Understanding Active Directory Password Complexity
If you have Active Directory (AD) password complexity policies enabled, you need to understand the r..
Add a Windows computer to an Active Directory Domain
You need to add a new Windows computer to Active Directory. Solution This can be done via System P..
Manually set your Preferred DNS Server to be a Windows Domain Controller
You want to set your computers primary DNS server to be your network's Windows Domain Controller. Th..
How to fix Microsoft Window 8 giving a Blue Screen of Death: Cannot find BCD
Your Window 8 system is giving you a BSOD error that it can't find "BCD" and it will not boot into W..
Managing Active Directory Users and Passwords from a Windows Desktop PC
Do you need a user to have the ability to Unlock and Reset passwords from their Windows 7 PC? Do you..
Administratively accessing a User’s Office365 Mailbox
Admins occasionally need full access to another users mailbox (for example, to verify the mailbox is..
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