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Inserting a Multi-page PDF into a Word Document
You want to insert a multi-page PDF into your Word document. Solution I am using Microsoft Word 20..
AppAssure 5 Manually Add an Agent to Protection
You've already installed the AppAssure 5 Agent on a client machine, now you just need to add that ma..
Manually Download and Install the AppAssure 5 Agent
You want to manually download and install an AppAssure 5 agent. Solution You can download it via t..
How to Delete an Active Directory User
You want to remove a User entry from Active Directory. Solution This can be done using Active Dire..
Managing who can use a Shared Printer in Active Directory
You need to assign permissions to users for shared printers. As always, this is best done using an A..
Forward RingCentral Number to an Answering Service
You have a RingCentral extension and want calls to it to go to an Answering Service. Solution You ..
How to Create Users in Active Directory
You want to create a User entry in Active Directory. Solution This can be done using Active Direct..
How to Rename a User in Active Directory
You want to rename an existing User entry in Active Directory. Solution This can be done using the..
SharePoint Services 3 Admin Console and Companyweb are unavailable
SharePoint Services SharePoint Admin Console and companyweb are unavailable. In our case, this occur..
How To List Mailbox Sizes in Microsoft Exchange 2007
You want to list out the mailbox sizes in Exchange 2007. Solution In Exchange 2003 you are able to..
Register the Sharepoint VSS Writer for Backups
SharePoint Backups do not run and the SharePoint VSS Writer is missing. Solution Confirm that the ..
GFI Managed Online Backup cannot back up Sharepoint, gives “No Volumes Selected” error
You are using GFI Managed Online Backup (MOB) and it reports "No Volumes Selected" when trying to ba..
Enable SNMP for a Buffalo Terastation
You need to run SNMP Checks on a Buffalo Terastation, follow the instructions below to enable SNMP. ..
How to monitor Buffalo Terastation Disk Space via GFI MAX
You use your Buffalo Terastation for backups or file storage so disk space is an issue. Below is ho..
Update Office 365 Exchange Public Folder permissions using PowerShell
You need to update permissions on one or more Public Folders hosted on Office 365; for example, you'..
Update Hosted Trend Micro Worry Free Business using GFI MAX Remote Background
You need to update Trend A/V but cannot access the PC with the problem. Solution Below is how to u..
Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365
You deleted emails in Office 365 and wish to restore them. Solution If you accidentally delete an ..
Set Permissions on a Windows Registry Key for your entire AD Network
You want to change the permissions on a Windows Registry key for all of your Active Directory (AD) c..
Cannot connect to server through Microsoft Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway
You are trying to connect to a server through an RD Gateway (either specified in the RDC itself  or..
Adding IP Addresses of Trusted Domains to Office 365 Allowed List
You want to add an IP address to the Office 365 allowed IP list. Solution  Use the O365 Admin int..
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