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Managing MS SQL permissions with groups
Pretty much every MS SQL installation will sooner or later need to have multiple people able to acce..
Enable key-based authentication in ESXi
You need to be able to SSH to an ESXi box without having to enter a username and password (e.g. to r..
GFI MailEssentials Online: How to log into your account
You are using GFI MailEssentials Online for either Message Filtering or Mail Archiving. Use the foll..
How to download and install ESET Endpoint Anti-Virus
You use ESET to protect your corporate network and need to install it on a local machine. Solution ..
How to fix “The specified network name is not available” error in AppAssure Replay 4
The Dell AppAssure 4 software is written so that it will stop trying to transfer a snapshot if it ta..
How to use GFI Remote Background to install/update on premises Trend Micro Worry Free AV
You want to upgrade the Trend Micro Worry Free Business AV definitions via GFI Remote Background. S..
Updating AVG via Remote Command Line in GFI
You need to update AVG anti-virus but cannot interrupt the customer by remoting in. Solution Below..
Injecting Drivers into BartPE/UBCD4Win
You can't see a network or disk driver when you boot a BartPE CD. You want to install a driver into..
How to reset a stranded user in the SAGE BusinessWorks software
When using Sage Business Works you may receive an error similar to this: The Task Journal Report (ID..
3CX Phone System – Reduce Hold Music Volume
You run a 3CX IP Phone system and your hold music is WAY too loud. How do you turn it down a notch? ..
How to map a Windows Event Log Device-HardDisk-Volume to a Drive
You need to map the weird way that Windows logs disk errors in the Event Log with the way you name d..
How to test your website for the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug
You want to determine if your website is vulnerable to the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug. Solution You sh..
Print an Autotask Resource Utilization Report
You want to print an Autotask Resource Utilization Report. Additionally, you want to print a report ..
Mikrotik Firewall: Configure NAT Entries for Internal Servers
You host servers behind your Mikrotik firewall and need to setup NAT entries for them. In this examp..
Setup Mikrotik Firewall for NAT
You need to setup a Mikrotik Firewall to include a NAT for your outbound traffic. In this example, w..
Fix iTunes for Windows: Unknown Error Code -50
You're using iTunes in a domain environment with folder/profile redirection and Offline Files is in ..
Resolve AppAssure AAVolFlt Errors – Event ID 9267
AAVolFlt is the logging component for AppAssure, it writes logs to the hidden System Volume Informat..
GFI MailEssentials Online: iPhone users unable to view legitimate marketing emails
You use GFI MailEssentials Online to protect your domains from SPAM. You also use a marketing servic..
Install the ITbackup eFolder Agent on Linux
You want to install the ITbackup eFolder agent on Linux. Solution You need to download the agent a..
Set your Excel spreadsheet to always fit columns to 1 page width
You want to set your Excel spreadsheet so that when printed it will always fit to 1 page in width, b..
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