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Cisco Meraki Wireless: Manage SSIDs

You use Cisco Meraki wireless and need to enable, disable, rename or change a WPA key for an SSID.


This is all done via the Cloud interface.

  1. Log into your Meraki Account

  2. At the Overview screen, mouse over Configure and click SSIDs

To Disable/Enable an SSID

  1. Under the SSID Name, there is a drop menu to enable or disable SSID. Choose the desired option and click Save Changes

To Rename an SSID

  1. Under the SSID Name, click the rename link and type the new SSID Name
  2. Click Save Changes

To Change the WPA Key

  1. Under the SSID Name, click edit settings
  2. Under the Network access section, erase the existing Pre-shared key and type in a new one
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes

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