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Clear Invalid GFI MAX Check for Valid Dell AppAssure Backup

You are using Dell AppAssure with GFI MAX monitoring and your GFI MAX Dell AppAssure Backup Check is failing even though you have a valid Dell AppAssure backup.


This sometimes occurs when you have an old Event Log entry from Dell AppAssure that is confusing GFI MAX.

There is an easy way to fix this by following these simple steps via the Windows Event Log.

  1. Log into the server that is giving you the trouble (the server with the agent installed and not the core) and navigate to the event viewer (Start, Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer).
  2. Expand the Applications and Services Logs and select the AppAssure log. Once the log populates you are going to right click the log and you are going to select Clear Log.
  3. Then select Save and Clear. A save as dialog box will appear which you will select the location you want to save the log to before you delete from the Windows logs. Once saved you will be able to open it anytime to view it from the location that you saved it. The reason we do this is so Windows will not read it.
  4. Now that the log is cleared it is recommended to run a snapshot in replay.
    Once that snapshot goes through you will want to re run the check in GFI and if the snap shot was successful then the check will clear because that snapshot is the only one that it sees in the log. If the GFI check runs before the next backup the check will state The backup status could not be determined and the check will still be in the failed state. No recovery points are removed in this process if done exactly as stated above.


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