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Configure Acronis Backup and Recovery to Log to the Windows Event Log

You want to configure Acronis to log to the Windows Event Log.


By default, the only way to know if an Acronis backup job fails is to manually log into AMS and view the Dashboard and reports. However, you can configure Acronis to log errors to the Event Log to help automate alerts, especially if you are using Windows Event Log monitoring, as we do with our ITmanage Plus and ITmonitor services.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open AMS
  2. Click on Options->Management Server Options
  3. The Management Server Options window will open.
  4. Click Event Tracing
  5. Click Windows Event Log
  6. Enable “Log events”
  7. Select “All events” from the dropdown
  8. Click Ok

Now test that this is working before proceeding. Find a small Acronis “Task” and Run it. You should find something like the following in Windows Event Viewer->Application:

Log Name:      Application Source:        Acronis Backup  Recovery 10 Management Server Date:          7/26/2011 3:21:15 PM Event ID:      1 Task Category: (164) Level:         Error Keywords:      Classic User:          N/A Computer:      SBS.XX.local Description: Error code: 35 Cannot revoke the policy because it was not deployed to the machine. Additional info:
——————– Error code: 35 …

Notice how Acronis is logging the error to the Application Event Log now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t log enough information to let you know which backup job/task failed! There is no fix for that, but now we can at least alert on an error via Event Log monitoring.

Now that this is done, create a Custom Event Log View. This is nice to do because it will make troubleshooting easier in the long-run. Do the following:

  1. Open Event Viewer (this is done in Windows 2008, may differ slightly in Windows 2000/2003)
  2. Click on the Application log
  3. Right-click
  4. Click Create Custom View
  5. The Create Custom View dialog opens
  6. Click the Filter tab
  7. For Logged:, choose “Any time”
  8. For Event Level:, choose Critical, Error, Warning, Information, and Verbose
  9. For By Log Event Logs:, choose Application via the drop-down
  10. For Event sources:, choose “Acronis Backup Recovery 10 Management Server” via the drop-down
  11. Click Ok

You will now have a custom view showing only Acronis errors.


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