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Configure Acronis to Email Backup Failure Alerts

You need to configure Acronis Backup & Recovery to email an alert whenever a backup task fails.


This is done via AMS.

  1. Open AMS
  2. Click Options->Default backup options
  3. Click Notifications->Email
  4. Enable “Send e-mail notifications”
  5. For E-mail address, enter the email for alerts.
  6. For Outgoing mail server, enter the SMTP server hostname
  7. Click “Send test e-mail message” and CONFIRM it arrives!
  8. To only enable alerts, disable “When backup completes successfully” but leave “When backup fails” and “When user interaction is required” enabled.
  9. Enable “Add full log to the notification”
  10. Click Ok

Do NOT assume this works. Be sure to “Send test e-mail message” and then confirm on the recipient end that the email arrives!


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