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Configure Exclaimer for Office 365 to Update OWA Signatures

Need to install Exclaimer and cannot get past the Wizard because of the Power shell Script giving errors.


We’ve found the best method is to skip the Wizard and get right into the configuration.

  1. Download setup file from:
  2. Run the setup file and select setup
  3. When the Wizard starts up click next
  4. On the next screen place a check in the “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” check box and click next.
  5. Click next on the Destination Folder screen unless you plan to install it in another location.
  6. Then click install.
  7. On the Welcome screen click next
  8. Enter user credentials that have Global Admin rights and a mailbox assigned to it. And use the following URL to connect to. https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx
  9. You should get a Successfully connected to Office 365 screen and click next
  10. On the Permissions screen you will get an error and will not be able to continue click cancel and continue to next step
  11. Navigate to C:ProgramDataExclaimer LtdSignature Manager Office 365 EditionConfig2 and open the ExclaimerConfiguration.config with note pad
  12. In note pad click edit and find. Type in ConfigurationWizard and click Find Next. It will be the only entry for ConfigurationWizard.
  13. Look above the work Wizard in the string ConfigrationWizard you will see the word false. Replace it with true NOTE: do not add any spaces and has to be all lower case.

  14. Now save and exit the config file.
  15. Launch Signature Manager Office 365 edition
  16. If you have a license you can activate it now or just click continue.
  17. Now you can complete the setup of Exclaimer Office 365 edition. Under the settings tab.
  18. Once you have completed the setup of your signature policies it will deploy them to OWA only.

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