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Configuring a Web Usage Monitoring Report in Firewall Analyzer

You want to schedule an automated web usage report in Firewall Analyzer.


  1. Log into FA.
  2. Click on Reports.
  3. Click on Add Report Profile under My Report Profiles.
  4. For Report Profile Name, use “Web Usage Monitoring”.
  5. For Select the devices, choose the correct device.
  6. Do not choose a filter.
  7. Click Next.
  8. A new screen will appear.
  9. For Available Reports, choose “Web Usage Reports” and “URL Reports”.
  10. For Schedule & Email Options (this can be changed later), use:
    Send report as = PDF
    Sunday, 09 Hrs, 00 Min
    Generate report for Previous Week
  11. Select Email the Report.
    For Mail Id, enter the email addresses of the people needing the report, e.g., “frank@example.com,sue@example.com”.
    For Subject, use ” Web Usage Monitoring”.
  12. Click Save.


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