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Configuring AppAssure Replay 4 for replication over SSL

You want to replicate your Replay4 backups to an offsite core.


You need to create and install the SSL cert in your AppAssure core.

  1. Install Replay4 on your offsite server like normal
  2. You need a certificate to use SSL encryption between the cores. You can generate a self-signed one, have one signed by your existing enterprise certificate authority (CA), or purchase one from a trusted public CA. This certificate should be installed in the Personal store of the local computer. It must also be trusted by the onsite core.
  3. Make sure to forward port 8005/tcp to the offsite core and open that port on any firewalls between the offsite and onsite cores.
  4. Open an escalated powershell or cmd prompt.
  5. Stop the Replay Core service on the offsite core.
    net stop “Replay Core”
  6. You’ll need the certificates thumprint; this can easily be obtained from the Details tab when viewing the certificate details. You’ll want to copy that thumbprint to a text document and remove any spaces.
  7. Install the certificate for use by port 8005:
    netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=<thumbprint> id=”{C4D13D5C-0FD0-4203-87EF-6E0D65E45E97}”where “<thumbprint>” is the value retrieved in the previous step.
  8. Restart the Replay Core service
    net start “Replay Core”
  9. Configure your onsite core to replicate agent recover points to the offsite core.

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