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Connect a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook

You have a Calendar in SharePoint that you wish to view and access in Outlook.


You can seamlessly integrate a SharePoint calendar into Outlook. If you are using Office 365, this is the solution for a shared company calendar in fact since Office 365 does not offer Public Folders.

  1. Create the calendar in SharePoint.
  2. Click on the Calendar, which is usually under Lists.
  3. Click on Calendar in the top menu bar of SharePoint.
  4. Click on Connect to Outlook.
  5. Click Allow if asked by IE.
  6. Click Yes if asked by Outlook.
  7. The calendar will now appear in Outlook.

Keep in mind that this calendar is separate from your personal calendar. Generally, a company calendar is used to issue invites, which you accept, so that the events show on your calendar.



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