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Cannot connect to server through Microsoft Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway

You are trying to connect to a server through an RD Gateway (either specified in the RDC itself  or via Remote Web Access) and are getting error like:

The Event Viewer on the RD Gateway server shows errors in the MicrosoftWindowsTerminalServices-GatewayOperational log like:

The user "domainusername", on client computer "remote-ip", did not meet connection 
authorization policy requirements and was therefore not authorized to access the RD Gateway server. 
The following authentication method was attempted: "NTLM". The following error occurred: "23003".


There are several possible reasons for this.

  1. Check the Security log for Audit Failures with event ID 6274.
  2. If the error is “The authentication or accounting record could not be written to the configured accounting datastore.”, open up the Server Manager and expand Roles > Network Policy and Access Services > NPS (Local) > Accounting. In the main section, click the “Change Log File Properties”.
  3. If the check box next to “If logging fails, discard connection requests” is checked, uncheck it and click “Apply”.
  4. Try connecting again; you should be able to connect now.

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