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Create an AD User using ADManage Plus

You are using ADManage Plus to manage your Active Directory and need to create a new AD user.


This is done using the ADManage Plus interface.

  1. Log into ADManage Plus (usually via http://<your-server>:8080
  2. Click on AD Mgmt->Create Users->Create Single User.
  3. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Logon Name, Telephone Number, and Email of the user. Do not click Create User yet.
  4. Click on the Account Details tab.
  5. Choose either a Random Password or Type a Password. Remember, AD requires a certain level of complexity for passwords and will reject simple ones. You normally need a number, an uppercase letter, a special character (e.g., $, %, #), and then letters from the alphabet in recent versions of AD.
  6. Unless you don’t want the user to change their password on first login, leave the “User must change password at next logon” enabled.
  7. It’s usually wise to set the account to expire in one year by default. Or you can leave it disabled (the default).
  8. Click Create User.
  9. ADManage Plus will show you the information needed by the new user.

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