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How to Hide a WordPress Page from Google

You want to hide a webpage from Google, etc., in WordPress.


There are two ways to do this.

First, yoiu can adjust the Visibility when you Publish the article. Preferably, by setting Visibility to Private Content so that only authorized and logged-in users can see the page.

Second, and this is less secure but doesn’t require a login, is to simply “hide” the page in terms of SEO.

We’ll demonstrate the second option using the plugins WordPress SEO by Yoast and Exclude Pages.

  1. Create your new Page but do not Publish it.
  2. In the unpublished Page, Deselect “Include this page in lists of pages” in Exclude Pages. This ensures the Page is not included in WordPress Navigation.
  3. In the unpublished Page, go to your WordPress SEO and click Advanced. This “hides” the page from search engines (i.e., search engines that respect these settings).
    1. Set Meta Robots Index to “noindex”.
    2. Set Meta Robots Follow to “Nofollow”.
    3. Set Meta Robots Advanced to “None”.
    4. Set Include in Sitemap to “Never include”.
  4. Now click Publish.

Of course, since you have gone through all of this work, you’ll need to manually create a link to this page somewhere.

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