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Create New Server in Rackspace Cloud

You have an existing Rackspace Cloud account and need to spin up a new machine.


This is done via the Rackspace Cloud control panel.

  1. First, go to the Rackspace MyCloud site and login.
  2. You’ll see a list of your existing servers (if any).  Click the “Create” button.
  3. You’ll need to name the server (we usually use it’s intended hostname for simplicity sake) and pick which datacenter it will be in.  Generally speaking, servers in the same datacenter will perform together better while putting servers in different datacenters provides some protection should one site go down for some reason.You’ll also need to pick an OS; be aware that some options (all versions of RHEL  and Windows) will increase the cost of the server due to the cost of the license for those products.
  4. Next you’ll need to specify how much RAM, vCPUs, outbound network usage, and disk space to allocate, from a large selection of preset configurations.  This, along with any licensing costs from above, will determine the cost (per hour) for running your machine.  You can also add additional network  additional network adapters if you need to have a LAN that your servers can use internally.
  5. Once all the settings are in place, click “Create Server” and wait for the machine to be provisioned.  You will be provided the root (or, for Windows,  Administrator) password which you’ll need to record in order to access the machine after it is created.


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