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Create a SharePoint List Form using SharePoint Designer

You want to create a SharePoint List Form using SharePoint Designer.

Read here to learn how to create a custom SharePoint List first. I’m using “Example List 1” from there for my example.


A List Form is a SharePoint Form that inputs data into a SharePoint List. Basically, it’s a way to input data into an Excel-type list in SharePoint but instead of manual entry, you want to control input via a SharePoint Form.

I am using O365 and SharePoint Designer 2010 for this example.

  1. In Designer, find your List under Site Objects->Lists and click it. Here, I’ll be using Example List 1.
  2. You will find yourself in the List summary page.
  3. Notice that under Forms, the defaults are already preset for Display, Edit, and New.
  4. Click New.
  5. Name this form so that the name is relevant to the list. Here, I’ll name it “Example List 1 – New” since I’ll use this form to create New items. For our example, we’ll set this as the default as well. Click Ok.
  6. The new form is now available.

Now, we want to edit the form we just created.

There are a few options here:

  • Create new form fields. In this situation, you want to add more form fields to the Form. To do this, insert more columns into the existing table (Insert->Rows Below) and then copy&paste the Title form label and Title form field into the new row and then edit the Title form label and the Title tag properties.
  • Add more advanced form fields. Here, you want to add support for column types like Choice. You would insert new rows again, but then create your own new form fields via Ribbon->Insert.


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