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Create a SharePoint List using SharePoint Designer

You want to create a SharePoint List using SharePoint Designer.


A List is a type of simple database in SharePoint, similar to an Excel spreadsheet.

I am using O365 and SharePoint Designer 2010 for this example.

  1. Click on Lists and Libraries in Site Objects.
  2. Click on Custom List.
  3. Name your List (“Example List 1” here) and click Ok.
  4. Click the Save icon at the top of Designer to save your changes to the List.

Your List is now created!

Now, you need to add columns (fields) to the list.

  1. Click on “Example List 1”.
  2. Click on Customization->Edit List Columns. You are now in the Editor.
  3. Notice that the default column of “Title” exists. You can delete this if you’d like.
  4. Click on Add New Column.
  5. Select “Choice”.
  6. The Column Editor will open. For now, I just left the default values and clicked Ok.
  7. Let’s rename the column. Right-click the new column you created and choose Rename.
  8. Rename to “ChoiceData”.

You now have a List with two columns:

  • Title
  • ChoiceData

Now go into SharePoint and view your List.

  1. Under Site Content, click Example List 1.
  2. Click New Item.
  3. Enter some sample data and click Save.
  4. You now have data in your List.



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