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Creating a New Site in Network Detective

You are configuring a new customer in Network  Detective (NetDoc) or you are adding a new Site (e.g., a new remote office) in Network Detective.


You need to add a New Site in the NetDoc console. Note that this is a little tricky because the console won’t show a global set of Sites. Instead, the Sites are specific to your configuration on your PC. NetDoc does store the Sites and Connectors in the cloud but doesn’t show you the Sites by default. So really you need to a) import an existing Connector in a New Site or b) setup a New Site and New Connector.

  1. Log into the console.
  2. Determine if this Site already exists!
    1. Click on Connector.
    2. If you see the Customer and Site in “Site Name” then we’ll use that!

Below we describe:

  • Connector Does Not Show Site
  • Connector Shows Site

Connector Does Not Show Site

Let’s assume you didn’t see the Site in the Connector list. Perhaps this is a new office for the customer or a new customer altogether.

  1. Click on Home.
  2. Click New Site in the orange ribbon.
  3. Name the site using this convention: “AccountName – SiteName”. For us, we use the AccountName in Autotask so we may have “Puryear IT LLC – Baton Rouge”. We also ensure this matches the account name and site names we use in GFI MAX.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Click Add in Connector.
  6. For Connector Label, use the exact same words as we did for the site!
  7. Click Ok.

To see the new Connector, click on Connector tab. Hit Refresh on the right and you’ll see your new connector! We can use this with NetDoc to run automated nightly or weekly jobs.

Connector Shows Site

This is easy. Somebody has already created a Site on their computer for this customer and created a Connector. We just need to link to it!

  1. Go to the Connector page.
  2. Write down the exact words used for the Connector you want to use.
  3. Go to the Home page.
  4. Click on New Site in the orange ribbon.
  5. Enter the Site Name using the exact wording as the Connector.
  6. NetDoc will import the Site and Connector for you!


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