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Creating a Shared Calendar in Exchange

You want to create a Shared Calendar in Exchange.


In our example, we’ll be creating a Shared Calendar in MyExchange, our hosted Exchange platform. This could just as easily be done with an on-premise Exchange server.

  1. Create a top-level Public Folder if one does not already exist.
  2. Set the permissions for the top-level Public Folder as necessary.
  3. Open Outlook and view the Public Folders available to you. The next steps must be done in Outlook rather than OWA because OWA doesn’t allow you to create sub-folders in a PF.
  4. Right-click on the top-level PF and choose New Folder. In our example, we’re right-clicking on Company Public Folder.
  5. For Name, choose a logical name, such as Company Calendar.
  6. For Folder Containers, select Calendar Items.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Notice the new public calendar.
You need to assign permissions to the Public Folder and/or sub-folders. Most often, you’ll assign the entire company staff at least read-access to the PF. The best method for this is to create a distribution list “Company Staff” and assign all users to that DL. A DL in Exchange can be treated as a security group when defining permissions in Exchange.

You can learn more about PF’s and permissions here and you can learn more about what the various Outlook permissions mean here.


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