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Creating an Exchange Rule in Outlook 2010 to File Emails

You want to create an Exchange rule in Outlook 2010 to automatically file away emails based on subject. This article could just as easily be used to file away emails based on sender, etc.


You can do this via the Outlook 2010 interface. We’ll use an example email in our Inbox.

  1. Select the email in your Inbox that serves as an example of the emails you wanted to filter
  2. Right-click the email and select Rules->Create Rule.
  3. The Create Rule dialog window will appear.
  4. Click on Subject contains, but ensure you are only matching the portion of the Subject line that will remain, e.g., if the Subject is “You are a Winner on this fine Sunday!” but you may also get “You are a Winner on this fine Saturday!”, you would only search for “You are a Winner on this fine”.
  5. For Do the Following, choose Move the item to Folder and then click on Select Folder.
  6. The Rules and Alerts file selection dialog will open. Either choose an existing folder, or, to file to a new folder, click on the top-level of your email folder tree and then click New and create the desired folder. Next click Ok.
  7. You are all done! Click Ok.
  8. Outlook will take several seconds to update Exchange.
  9. You’ll be asked if you wish to run the rule now on existing emails (instead of just new, incoming ones). This is a good time to test the rule! Enable this and click Ok.

Outlook will now run the new rule against your Inbox.

When creating Exchange rules, always test the rule and over the next few days, ensure the rule isn’t capturing emails that should not go into the new folder. Sometimes you may create rules that are too vague and so capture more emails than you would have thought.


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