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Creating an FTP User via Cpanel

You have a Linux server running Cpanel and wish to create an FTP account for your web site.


Cpanel makes this very easy actually.

  1.  Log into your web server Cpanel control panel (usually at http://www.example.com/cpanel).
  2. You’ll be placed in the Home screen. Scroll down until you find FTP Accounts under Files. Click on FTP Accounts.
  3. You’ll be in the Add FTP Account screen. Enter the login name, e.g., mybestcustomer.
  4. Next, we’ll want to define the password. When possible, use the Password Generator so that you use a strong password. Click on Password Generator.
  5. The Password Generator window will appear. It will have created a password–just enable “I have copied this password in a safe place.” and then click Use Password. Be sure to have copied the password somewhere!
  6. Now notice that we have a problem. Cpanel has placed this user’s FTP directory under the directory where our web files go. This could lead to a security risk where the FTP files are available to anybody over the Internet. We don’t want that! So change the default directory, which included public_html:

    Change the public_html to ftp:

    Technically, you could get away without doing this, but remember: Security first!
  7. You can now choose to limit the size of the files that can be uploaded or to allow Unlimited. There is no right answer here. If you allow Unlimited, the FTP user can upload a file as large as the disk space allocated to your server. If you place a cap on the upload, you will prevent this, but then the user will be limited in the upload size. For us, we’ll choose 20 GB (~ 20,000 MB).
  8. Click Create FTP Account.

Cpanel will create the new FTP user.

The FTP user’s username will be username@yourwebsite.com, so if your website was www.website.com, then the FTP account we created above would be mybestcustomer@website.com.

One you no longer need that user to have an FTP account, return to the FTP Accounts screen to delete the user.


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