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Creating an HTML Signature in Outlook 2010

You want to create an HTML signature in Outlook 2010.


You can do this. Note however, if your company has more than a few employees, you’ll want to automate this. But for small companies with only a few staff, this can be done by hand.

  1.  Start Outlook 2010.
  2. Click on File in the Ribbon.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Click on Mail.
  5. Click on Signatures. The signatures option screen will appear.
  6. Click on New to create a new signature.
  7. Name your new signature and click Ok.
  8. The Edit Signature window will be blank. Enter your signature here.
  9. To insert a graphic in your signature, click the Insert Picture icon. Then browse to your graphic file, select it, and click Insert.
  10. If you’d like to make the graphic image a hyperlink, click on the inserted graphic and then click the Insert Hyperlink icon.
  11.  For the Address, enter the complete URL of the website. Click Ok.
  12. If you want to use this signature by default, select it in the New Messages and Replies/Forwards selection.
  13. Click Ok to save the Signatures and Stationery option.
  14. Click Ok in Outlook Options to exit the options screen.
  15. Click New Mail. Your new email should have your signature included now.


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