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Creating multiple accounts in MyExchange

You need to create several different accounts in MyExchange and don’t want to manually create each one.


MyExchange provides a way to upload a CSV file which describes the users you want to create.

  1. Start by logging to your control panel as if you are creating a single user.
  2. Instead of completing the form, click the link at the top reading “import multiple users from TXT, CSV files, and DirectoryLink”.
  3. This will take you to a form to upload a file, defaulting to a CSV file.  Click the “Download template for CSV file” link.
  4. That link will take you to a knowledge base article with a link to an actual CSV file; click the “download a template for a CSV file” link.
  5. Open the downloaded file either Excel or a text editor.  The header row must remain unchanged but the first data row (for “John Smith”) can be deleted.  Add your users to the file, one user per row.  Only the first 4 fields (Display Name, Email Address, First Name, and Last Name) should be required.
  6. If you edit the file in Excel, make sure it is saved as a CSV and not a XLS or XLSX file.
  7. Back on the upload form, click the “Choose File” button and locate the CSV file. Make sure the “Exchange” box is checked next to Services and click “Proceed”.
  8. The next page will show the information it parsed from the CSV. If any data was invalid, you’ll have a chance to update it. The passwords for the users created this way are sent to the email address specified at the bottom of the form; if needed, update that so that the correct person receives those passwords (all passwords for all users  will be sent to that address). Click Proceed.
  9. If any of the changes made will result in additional charges, you’ll need to confirm that on the next page. Just click Confirm to proceed.
  10. After a few moments, the users should be created.  Just click “Manager Users” to return to the user management screen.

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